Woman wearing ruby earrings and a ruby ring

Brandon Boswell Diamonds' Ruby Collection: A Journey Through Time and Elegance

Brandon Boswell Diamonds' Ruby Jewelry Collection transcends the ordinary, embodying the fiery essence and rich history of one of the world's most coveted gemstones. This collection is not just about beautiful pieces; it's about connecting with the deep-rooted legacy of rubies, each piece echoing centuries of lore, luxury, and love.

Woman wearing the ruby fire and ice necklace and a pink ring

Brief History of Rubies

Rubies, with their mesmerizing red hues, have been celebrated throughout history for their beauty and mystical properties.

The ancient Sanskrit word for ruby is ratnaraj, which means "king of gems," a title that still rings true today. The English word originated from rubinus lapis, Medieval Latin for "red stone." The word "ruby" was first recorded in 1300.

Rubies have captivated civilizations from ancient Burma (now Myanmar) as early as 10,200 BCE, to the kingdoms of medieval Europe. Many cultures prized the ruby gemstone—which was believed to hold "the power of life”—due to its deep red hue resembling the color of blood flowing through our veins (GIA). This association with vitality and power made the gemstone a popular choice for royal engagements. Revered for their hardness and durability, second only to diamonds, rubies have adorned the armor of warriors, the crowns of monarchs, and the rings of clergy as symbols of protection, wisdom, and passion.

The most prized rubies, known for their unparalleled "pigeon's blood" red color, hail from the Mogok Valley in Myanmar. These stones are celebrated for their intense color and fluorescence and have set the standard for the finest rubies since the 6th century. While "pigeon’s blood" rubies most famously occur in Myanmar, they can also be found in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Vietnam. 

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The Collection: Timeless Elegance Through Design

The Small Dome Ring in Ruby: Playful Elegance

Small 18K black and yellow gold dome ring adorned with vibrant round-cut rubies

The Small Dome Ring in Ruby celebrates bold and brilliant hues and design. With 3 carats of rubies set in 18k yellow and black gold, the ring’s dome shape is a testament to Piranesi Jewelry's playful yet sophisticated design and expertise in craftsmanship. The mix of red ruby and warm yellow gold creates a remarkable contrast that is meant to be seen.

Mosaique Paisley Ruby Earrings: A Mosaic of Colors

Product image of the mosaique ruby earrings

The Mosaique Paisley Ruby Earrings, also from Piranesi, stand as a masterpiece of fine jewelry, showcasing a meticulous arrangement of oval and round rubies. Their unique, organic shapes are complemented by the sparkle of brilliant round natural white diamonds, creating a mosaic that captivates the eye and ignites the imagination. Set in 18k yellow gold, the combination of warm yellow and ruby red add a bold confidence to any look. These earrings are a true work of art, embodying the enchanting allure of rubies in a design that’s both modern and timeless.

4 Stone Ruby Earrings: Linear Elegance

Linear 18K yellow gold drop earrings featuring four vibrant oval-cut rubies

The 4 Stone Ruby Drop Earrings showcase cherry colored bezel set rubies. Encased in yellow gold and highlighted by a frame of white enamel, these earrings offer a linear drop design that brings a splash of bright red color to your look. Glamorous yet understated, the 3.32 carats of rubies add a touch of sweetness and sophistication to any ensemble. 

Ruby Flower Ring: Blooming Brilliance

product image of the two flower ruby gemstone ring

The Ruby Flower Ring features a stunning floral design, with brilliant round diamonds at the heart of each bloom and 3.68 carats of 12 rubies set in 18k white gold. The center diamonds, with exceptional clarity and sparkle, are the perfect anchor, around which stunning arrays of rubies form the petals. Symbolizing love and passion with a natural theme, the vibrant red hue of the rubies creates an elegant display that’s visually striking and deeply meaningful.

The Fire and Ice Necklace: A Statement of Contrast

Fire and Ice Ruby and Diamond Tennis Necklace

Our Fire and Ice Necklace offers a visually striking look that adds the perfect contrast of hot ruby fire and cool white ice to your collection. Fashioned in 18K white gold, this piece alternates bright red rubies with sparkling diamonds, creating a slim and sophisticated design that’s both bold and beautiful. The tennis necklace features over 15 carats of brilliant round and baguette diamonds as well as 35.48 carats of oval cut rubies. This statement necklace a testament to the harmonious balance between the warmth of rubies and the cool brilliance of diamonds.

Burmese Ruby and Diamond Bracelet: A Story of Origin 

Burmese Ruby and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Burmese Ruby and Diamond Bracelet showcases the beauty of rubies and tells a story of their origin through their deep red hue. Featuring 31 rubies (11.70 carats) from Burma, this bracelet encapsulates the rich, “pigeon blood” red color that Burmese rubies are famed for. Known for their unparalleled vibrancy and intensity, these Burmese rubies have undergone a delicate heat treatment to enhance their natural beauty, making each stone a treasure of the earth. Accented with 1.5 carats of brilliant round diamonds, this platinum bracelet weaves a continuous flow of color and light around the wrist, representing a legacy of elegance and allure that transcends time.

Final Thoughts

Brandon Boswell Diamonds’ Radiant Ruby Jewelry are more than just accessorys—they are a celebration of life’s most passionate moments, crafted with precision and love. Discover the timeless beauty of rubies and let their fire ignite your spirit.