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The Fire and Ice Necklace

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The radiant red of the rubies in this necklace showcase incredible shine, accented by baguette and round-cut diamonds for spectacular sparkle. This necklace creates a visually striking look and adds the right touch of fire and ice to your jewelry collection. Fashioned in 18K white gold, this slim and sophisticated design features bright red rubies alternating with sparkling diamonds, boasting over 35 carats of rubies and over 15 carats of diamonds.

  • 50.65CT Ruby and Diamond total carat weight
  • 97 Rubies-35.48CT
  • 485 Baguette Diamonds-12.63CT
  • 388 Brilliant Round Diamonds-2.54CT
  • 18KT White Gold/60.3g
Slim 18K white gold necklace with 50.65 ct of vibrant rubies and sparkling white diamonds