14 Modern Tennis and Stretch Bracelet Designs for 2023

14 Modern Tennis and Stretch Bracelet Designs for 2023

With timeless elegance and long-lasting comfort for everyday wear, experience the highest quality jewelry in the most versatile and innovative designs to date.

Explore some of the highlights from Brandon Boswell Diamonds' vast collection of designer stretch and tennis bracelets.

5 Elevated Classics:

Looking for a classic tennis bracelet with a modern twist? We’re discussing our five favorite stretch tennis bracelets that are both refined and modern.

9 carat diamond tennis bracelet

5. The Classic with a Modern ~Stretch~ 

Meet the ultimate clasp-less tennis bracelet. With patented stretch technology from designer and innovator Roberto Demeglio and 48 round white diamonds totaling 9.05 carats, you’ll never fumble with a clasp again. This over 9 carat diamond tennis bracelet seamlessly blends luxury and comfort and will become a staple in your collection. 
emerald cut diamond tennis bracelet

4. The East-West Emerald Diamond Stretch Bracelet

This 12.52 CT Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet showcases 42 white emerald cut diamonds arranged east-to-west along the band. The east-to-west orientation has been quite popular in the high-jewelry world and is a fantastic way to spice up your tennis bracelet game. With patented stretch technology, this bracelet fits securely on the wrist yet is easy to slip on and off by yourself. 

Love the east-to-west orientation of the diamonds but not sold on the emerald shape? If marquise-shaped diamonds call to you, you’ll adore our 3.23 CT Marquise Diamond Stretch Tennis Bracelet.

Marquise Diamond Tennis Bracelet

3. The East-West Marquise Diamond Stretch Bracelet

Our Marquise Diamond Tennis Bracelet from the Extensible Collection showcases 38 glistening white marquise diamonds totaling 3.23 carats. Without a clasp, this stretch bracelet is everything you love about tennis bracelets without the challenge of getting it on and off on your own. The quirky east-west marquise diamond bracelet is the perfect accessory to layer, and its versatility makes it an everyday go-to. 
8 carat diamond bracelet

2. The LBD (Little Black Diamonds) Bracelet

Our 8.65 CT Black & White Diamond Stretch Tennis Bracelet brings a bold and daring energy to the traditional tennis bracelet. The interplay of the 53 black and white diamonds creates a harmonious rhythm, breathing life into any jewelry collection. Wear this versatile and comfortable 8 carat diamond bracelet alone, or layer it with your favorites for an instant style refresh.
Multi Shape Diamond Stretch Bracelet

1. The “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Tennis Bracelet

Looking for a bracelet to complement the many facets of your personality? Our stunning 5.87-carat Multi-Shape Diamond Stretch Tennis Bracelet features a variety of fun-shaped diamonds that work together in perfect harmony. With pear, emerald, marquise, heart, and oval-shaped stones, this bracelet represents the beauty of our differences and the splendor of unity. Celebrate what makes you unique with this melodious take on the classic tennis bracelet. 

6 Colorful Diamond and Gemstone Tennis Bracelets:

Welcome to the colorful, vibrant, and bright side of stretch tennis bracelets. When it comes to gemstones, everyone’s got a favorite—whether you’re drawn to the color, the spirituality, or the history.

The right gemstone will highlight your best features, complement your skin tone, and help you stand out, especially if you use gestures when speaking.

So, let’s discuss some of our favorites!

Dark blue sapphire stretch tennis bracelet

6. Midnight Blue Stretch Tennis Bracelet

Dark, mysterious, and romantic, this 10.2 carat Blue Sapphire Stretch Tennis Bracelet offers a galaxy of midnight blue stones get lost in. Symbolizing blessings, loyalty, and luck, this bracelet is a perfect gift for a loved one or charm to bring good fortune. This bracelet is ideal for layering, but it is also bold enough to wear on its own. 
Tsavorite garnet stretch tennis bracelet

5. Tsavorite Garnet Stretch Tennis Bracelet 

Our enviable 8.2 carat Oval Cut Tsavorite Garnet Stretch Tennis Bracelet showcases 43 green tsavorite garnet gemstones. This versatile green pairs well with neutrals, cool skin tones, and hazel-brown eyes. Tsavorite is said to help you discover the beauty within yourself and others, and whether it’s true or not, we’ve definitely discovered the beauty of this bracelet!

Yellow sapphire and diamond stretch tennis bracelet

4. Yellow Sapphire Stretch Tennis Bracelet

Meet our sunny 7.55 carat Yellow Saphire Tennis Bracelet. If you’re looking to brighten up your jewelry collection, this whimsical and vibrant stretch bracelet will bring warmth and energy. With oval cut yellow sapphires and white diamonds, this bracelet embodies the joy of a summer day.
Pink diamond and sapphire stretch tennis bracelet

3. Pink Sapphire Stretch Tennis Bracelet

Channel your inner Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) with this 7.55 carat Pink Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet. The oval-cut east-west pink sapphires alternate with round white diamonds, giving the bracelet a rhythmic and playful energy. As a symbol of truth, love, and femininity, the pink sapphire stretch tennis tennis bracelet is sure to be a phenomenal addition to any collection. 

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Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

2. Ruby and Diamond Floral Bracelet

This sublime Ruby and Diamond Bracelet blends modern comfort with timeless glamour. The design of alternating red rubies and sparkling diamonds creates a sophisticated floral motif, perfect to wear on a gorgeous spring or summer day. The stretch technology makes this bracelet effortlessly wearable for hours on end. 

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Rainbow Tennis Bracelet

1. The "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Bracelet

This carefully designed 15.12 carat Rainbow Sapphire Tennis Bracelet showcases a full spectrum of sapphire gemstones. From vibrant reds to forest greens and many midtones in between, our rainbow bracelet is a majestic accessory that surely makes a big statement.  


3 More Roberto Demeglio Finds:  

If you’re drawn to the comfort and wearability of our Extensible stretch tennis bracelets, you’ll love Brandon Boswell Diamonds' curated selection of unique and modern stretch bracelets from designer Roberto Demeglio.

We’ve chosen three bracelets that can be worn day to night, layered with your other bracelets, or on their own for a statement moment. 

So, here are our top 3 bracelets from our collection of Roberto Demeglio stretch bracelets that you can purchase online or in-store at our El Paseo Palm Desert location.  

Black and Rose Gold Ceramic Screw Bracelet

3. Black Ceramic and Rose Gold Screw Bracelet

The Ceramic Rose Gold Screw Bracelet is effortlessly wearable, with a contemporary and edgy feel. Unline other screw bracelets (Cartier’s LOVE bracelet), ours doesn’t require a specialty screwdriver to take the bracelet on and off. With patented stretch technology, this black and rose gold ceramic bracelet is simple to put on and remove. 

Matte Gold and Diamond Stretch Bracelet

2. Matte Gold and Diamond Stretch Bracelet

From Roberto Demeglio’s Scacco Oro Collection, the Matte Gold Stretch Bracelet features textured 18k yellow beads, illuminated with seven pavé diamond stations in 18k white gold. With a rustic yet refined look, this stretch bracelet exudes good taste and attention to detail.

Roberto demeglio stretch bracelet

1. Modern Technology Meets Classic Design

The Diamond and Rondells Stretch Bracelet perfectly blends timeless vintage with modern stretch comfort. With classic yellow gold and white diamonds, this bracelet easily matches many of your other favorite pieces. 

Learn more about designer Roberto Demeglio!


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