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Bi Color Green Tourmaline Ring

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This stunning ring is adorned with a mesmerizing bi-color green tourmaline, expertly set alongside rare Argyle Pink diamonds in lustrous white gold and rose gold. The bi-color green tourmaline, with its vibrant hues transitioning from green to yellow, exudes a natural beauty and charm that is both timeless and unique. Paired with the delicate sparkle of the Argyle Pink™ diamonds, the ring showcases a harmonious blend of colors and brilliance.
  • 9.97CT Rectangular Bi Color Green Tourmaline
  • 0.32CT Brilliant Round Argyle Pink Diamonds (6P/PP)
  • 1.94CT Brilliant Round Natural White Diamonds
  • 18KT Rose and White Gold
  • Handcrafted
  • Size: 6.5