Extensible Diamond Stretch Bracelets

Extensible Diamond Stretch Bracelets in Palm Desert

Brandon Boswell Diamonds in Palm Desert is the premier destination for coveted Extensible Diamond Stretch Bracelets and Rings. 

With changing attitudes and ideas around style, fashion, and luxury, we’re seeing more relaxed and wearable versions of classic jewelry staples, such as the Extensible collection of stretch diamond tennis bracelets and rings. 

What is the Extensible Diamond Stretch Collection?

The Extensible collection showcases stretchable diamond tennis bracelets and eternity rings that extend further than any other. Roberto Demeglio’s patented reinforced titanium spring design allows for the ultimate clasp-less slip-on and off ease. The collection epitomizes modern luxury at the intersection of technology and classic design. 

Extensible Diamond Stretch Rings

The History Behind the Technology

Born into a family of jewelers in Turin, Italy, Roberto Demeglio aimed to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a goldsmith and diamond setter. After graduating from Benvenuto Cellini Art School in Valenza and various apprenticeships, Demeglio established his own Goldsmith Laboratory in 1985 in Turin, near his father’s workshop.

With the opening of his showroom in 1992, Demeglio began creating bespoke jewelry for high-profile clients associated with FIAT, which had its headquarters and factory in Turin. Due to his proximity to FIAT, Demeglio learned about automobile materials and grew a fascination with the machinations and innovations of automobiles. Armed with curiosity and knowledge of technology, he aimed to modernize the jewelry he created and satisfy customers with jewels that could be worn daily.

The First “Flexible” Collection

In 2004, Roberto, also known as “jewelry engineer,” patented his first (of four) core designs, the reinforced titanium spring—allowing for a completely clasp-less and easy-to-wear tennis bracelet. With his Gioconda collection, Demeglio realized that the spring invention could completely replace the need for a clasp altogether and set out to redefine jewelry for the modern woman, with the elastic spring at the core of all his creations.

Extensible Bracelets and Rings

Extensible Jewelry in Palm Desert

Decades later, Brandon Boswell Diamond’s curated selection of Extensible diamond stretch bracelets and rings— with the patented spring at the center of the designs—offers a variety of wearable and sturdy jewelry staples for the modern woman.

Champagne Diamond Stretch Tennis Bracelet

Explore the world of 18k White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold stretch bracelets and rings at Brandon Boswell Diamonds in Palm Desert. The revolutionary jewelry is available with various fancy color diamonds, vibrant gemstones, and many stone shape and size options.

Step into luxury, without the clasp, and experience the highest quality jewelry in the most comfortable and versatile designs to date.

18k White Gold Diamond Stretch Bracelet